CONFIANZ and the Bizkaia Federation of Iron & Steel Companies (FVEM, in its Spanish acronym) have reached an agreement by virtue of which CONFIANZ has become the go-to advisory provider in fiscal, accounting and commercial matters for the latter’s member companies.

FVEM is an umbrella business organisation for companies in the Iron & Steel Industry in the province of Bizkaia, which in turn is a member of the Bizkaia Business Confederation (CEBEK) and the Basque Business Confederation (CONFEBASK). It offers its members a raft of services, which include advice on fiscal, accounting and commercial matters, which are now to be provided by CONFIANZ, a firm that specialises in a comprehensive advisory and consultancy service for businesses and business organisations, with a commitment to reinforce its clients’ prospects for successful growth and continuity. It is also involved in holding lectures on subjects of interest to FVEM members, such as the one delivered on 31 January this year under the heading “The best structures for the corporate planning of SMEs”.


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